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Commisioned by

Concept and
Graphic design
with Noviki for DDG 

Collaboration by Roosje Klap and Noviki for Design Displacement Group on the occasion of MANIFESTFEST.PL

A death announcement of commercial design software and a call for a New Radical Revolt.
As graphic activists we will break free, start to own our own territory again by using and creating free open software instead trusting on the Adobe straightjacket to produce our work. We can create 'The Solemn, the Serious, the Sacred and the Sublime (of Art with a Capital A)’* again. 

(*) Marinetti, Variety Theatre Manifesto (1913).


The world is in decline, we are scared, dominated by monopolies, ideas disintegrate over our heads, sublime ideas disintegrate in the face of our actions, all we witness is mix of aesthetics and the confusion of language, world of commerce soaked to the aesthetics of art, the art world uses the language of commerce, there is no difference, and that is ok, we do not have to be sad, change will come or not, we will cause it or those who come after us**

(**) noviki 2014

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Poster A0+
Printed in Warsaw 

with Noviki