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These stamps are a tribute to women of the past six centuries in Dutch history. The title ‘1001 Vrouwen’, is also the title of a reference book that was published at the same time, and initiated and edited by Dutch historian Els Kloek. The life of 1001 remarkable, but often forgotten women in the history of the Netherlands are portrayed under the design of Irma Boom.

Roosje Klap was responsible for the design of the stamp series with the same name. After extensive research done together with Ms. Kloek, six women are chosen to be depicted: explorer Alexandrine Tinne, writer Belle van Zuylen, heroine of Utrecht Trijn van Leemput, painter Mary Oosterwijck, duchess Maria van Bourgondië and theologian Anna Zernike.

The portraits are all details taken from paintings and are then set in pastel tones which are typical of the century in which the portrayed woman lived. The portraits are placed in such a way, that the women are looking at each other or to the viewer in the exact same way, creating a connection with each other.

Ten stamps, of which four doubled
CMYK, perforated, backside gummed
printed at Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, NL