Dubai - Bone China - Sarajevo

  • Dubai - Bone China - Sarajevo
    Dubai - Bone China - Sarajevo-0

Commissioned for and made as part of
an exhibition with Gilbert van Drunen,
Het Langhuis, Zwolle

This is a poster made for the work and exhibition of artist Gilbert van Drunen. He wrote a text in three parts, about Dubai, Bone China and Sarajevo.

For this work we used the metaphor of 'Rubin's vase' (sometimes known as the Rubin face or the figure–ground vase) - a famous set of ambiguous two-dimensional forms, that can be seen as one or the other picture, for instance a vase (Bone China), or a set of two faces (Dubai and China).

Digtal print
84 x 59 cm
Edition: 2